Belarus Vaccinates over 30,000 Pigs Against PRRS

by 5m Editor
3 June 2013, at 8:36am

BELARUS - The Belarusian veterinary authorities have sent the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) a follow-up report on 31 May stating that no new outbreaks of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome have occurred.

The country's veterinary experts, in conjunction with the OIE, have applied several control measures such as quarantine, movement control inside the country, disinfection of infected premises/establishment(s) and treatment of affected animals (symptomatic treatment).

In the administrative division of Brest, a total of 31483 received a live attenuated vaccine.

No further measures have been applied.

The event is ongoing, and weekly follow-up reports are expected as and when any outbreak(s0 is reported.

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