AHVLA Becomes International Reference Lab for Swine Flu

by 5m Editor
1 July 2013, at 8:38am

UK - The AHVLA’s central laboratory at Weybridge has been accredited by OIE, the World Organisation for Animal Health, as an international reference laboratory for swine influenza.

The Weybridge laboratory now joins three other swine influenza reference laboratories in Italy, Japan and the United States.

AHVLA already has international reference laboratory accreditation for a number of infectious and non-infectious animal diseases; providing a range of veterinary and scientific consultancy to countries across the world. Key functions of reference laboratories include confirmatory testing, standardisation of diagnostic methods, technical training and expert consultancy.

Professor Ian Brown, Head of Avian Virology and Mammalian Influenza at AHVLA , said: "Our reference laboratory status was ratified at the OIE general assembly in Paris at the end of May. It recognises the world class quality of our science, historical experience with swine influenza, and keeps us firmly at the forefront of research into, and management of, animal influenzas."

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