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Countryfile Cameras on Real Welfare

by 5m Editor
8 July 2013, at 6:36am

UK - Real Welfare has been put under the spotlight by BBC’s Countryfile programme and is due to be aired on Sunday 14 July.

The filming took place at Harper Adams College in Shropshire in the pig unit run by Richard Hooper and included pieces by vet Roger Blowey and Red Tractor Technical Manager Emma Surman.

Mr Hooper said: "I took them through all the standards on-farm that make up the Red Tractor, housing, nutrition medication, the lot.

"They were very interested in the free access stalls as it looks like a lot of metal but I was able to explain what they were about. We also talked about farrowing crates and the reasons for their use."

The key points highlighted were:

  • Affordability and choice for consumers
  • Evolution and scientific development of standards on-going
  • Looking at things from the animal’s point of view – rather than what a consumer might perceive is best

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