MIDA Increases Monitoring to Prevent CSF

by 5m Editor
15 July 2013, at 7:11am

PANAMA - Panama is finally free of classical swine fever. However, the Animal Health Directorate of the Ministry of Agriculture, through the Department of Epidemiology, performs constant monitoring to keep the country free of the disease.

Proper handling of pigs to maintain the animal health status in Panama was part of the talks given to producers and veterinary practitioners in Bocas del Toro, Chiriqui and the Shire Gnabe Bugle.

CSF, also known as hog cholera, is an infectious viral disease that affects pigs. The incubation period is 2-14 days.

The training conducted in these areas, benefited 96 farmers who were instructed about the symptoms such as a high fever of 41ºC (105ºF), seizures, weakness, constipation and / or diarrhea, purple skin discoloration, abortions, birth defects and death in piglets.

Program Manager Jose Montenegro emphasized the importance of pork producers not allowing their animals to eat waste food, raw meat, blood, secretions or excretions, as this can be a means of transmitting the disease.

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