Hog Prices Moved in Late-July

by 5m Editor
7 August 2013, at 6:35am

BRAZIL - Hog prices moved in late July, mainly in São Paulo. Quotes were hovering around 52.00 reais per arroba (2.77 reais per kilo) until 25 July.

Quotations then changed to 55.00 reais per arroba (2.94 reais per kilo) on 26 July. On 31 July, some trades were closed at 57.00 reais per arroba (3.04 reais per kilo).

According to players surveyed by Cepea, price rises are attributed to the smaller supply of animals with desirable weight to be slaughtered in SP.

In other regions surveyed by Cepea, agents say that the demand for animals has increased and prices have moved up.