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Last Chance for Submissions to Reduce ‘Red Tape’ in Livestock Sector

28 August 2013, at 8:53am

AUSTRALIA - This week is a final chance for people to have a say about reducing 'red tape' for the livestock sector.

The South Australian Government is committed to lowering the cost of conducting business in our state. A review of existing livestock regulations identified several areas where reducing red tape will assist industry.

Biosecurity SA's Executive Director, Will Zacharin, has urged people involved with the livestock sector to make their submissions on a discussion paper on the livestock sector by the close of business, on Friday 30 August.

In total, 13 amendments to the Livestock Regulations (under the Livestock Act 1997) were found that would improve regulation of livestock industries, making it easier for those in the industry to do business.

“We are urging people to make their comments by Friday night. The discussion paper about the proposed amendments to the regulations is on the PIRSA website and is also obtainable by contacting Biosecurity SA,” Mr Zacharin said.

“The 32-page paper contains an overview of the proposed changes and provides the livestock sector with an opportunity to provide feedback on the suitability of the amendments to meet the needs of the state's livestock industries.

“The discussion paper is broken down into five sections: artificial breeding; veterinary diagnostic laboratories; vaccines; hormonal growth promotants; and stock foods, so stakeholders can pick out the relevant sections of the paper that they wish to have input into.”

Copies of the discussion paper can be downloaded from the PIRSA website at: or by contacting Biosecurity SA on 8207 7900.

Submissions must be in writing and addressed to the Livestock Regulations Review and either posted to: Biosecurity SA – Animal Health, GPO Box 1671, Adelaide 5001, or faxed to 8207 7960, or emailed to: [email protected]

Submissions will be accepted up to 5pm on 30 August 2013.

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