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Campaigners Disappointed by EU Policy Compromise

by 5m Editor
27 September 2013, at 7:13am

EU - Eurogroup has expressed disappointment with the compromise agreed upon between the European Commission, the Council and the European Parliament on the CAP reform which will have a direct impact on animal welfare.

According to Eurogroup, the compromise agreement allows money to be transferred from rural development to direct payments which will inevitably lead to less rural development funds and as a consequence less money available for animal welfare payments.

MEPs and member state negotiators reached a deal on Tuesday (24 September) on outstanding budgetary issues for the next period of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), just days before a final deadline.

Negotiations had become heated as the two sides had major disagreements over capping, transferring funds between the CAP's direct payment and rural development pillars, levels of co-funding and national envelopes.

The two sides reached a deal on the new period for CAP 2014-2020 in June, but it did not include these budgetary issues.

The Parliament's agriculture committee must approve the overall CAP package by Monday (30 September) in order for it to take effect on time in 2014.

Member states will now vote on the deal at a meeting of the special committee on agriculture on 7 October and a plenary vote in the European Parliament is expected in November.

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