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Event at European Parliament Highlights Plight of Pigs

by 5m Editor
25 September 2013, at 8:28am

EU - Yesterday, at the European Parliament, English actress and campaigner Joanna Lumley, briefed Members of the European Parliament in Brussels on the plight of pigs in the European Union and the widespread breaches of Council Directive 2001/88/EC laying down minimum standards for the protection of pigs.

The event, organized by member organisation Compassion in World Farming, presented the findings of an investigation conducted in a large selection of pig farms across Europe in recent years, and together with reports by the European Commission’s Food and Veterinary Office, suggested that the EU pig sector is currently out of control.

Among the many deficiencies highlighted, 90 per cent of pigs in EU are still routinely tail docked mainly because of poor housing.

Ms Lumley also questioned whether the pig sector was above the law and asked how we could achieve better enforcement of EU legislation and avoid unnecessary suffering.

For more details about the investigation, please click here.

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