Brazil to Become World's Largest Pork Producer, Says Ag Minister

by 5m Editor
4 October 2013, at 6:21am

BRAZIL - According to Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply Antonio Andrade, current Brazilian harvest should exceed 200 million tons and soon, Brazil will become the world's largest producer of pig meat.

Mr Andrade underlined the importance of the increase in domestic consumption of pork. He also noted that the sector has again risen, following the fall in cost of production in 2012 and earlier this year.

Currently, pig meat comprises the largest export sector in Brazilian agribusiness. In August of this year, pork revenues stood at US$132 million, exporting 52,000 tons.

National Pork Week, which took place on 2 October, was created to promote pork consumption and bring sustainability to the sector, which directly employs over 700,000 people.

Brazilian pork consumption is 15.6 kg per capita, while the average consumption in the US and in European countries is more than 30 kg. Therefore, the Brazilian Association of Swine Breeders (ABCS) wants to increase the consumption of pork at 18 kg per capita by 2015.