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Food Waste Organisation Formed in EU

29 October 2013, at 6:09am

EU - In October 2013, the European Former Foodstuff Processors Association (EFFPA) held its 1st General Assembly in Brussels aiming for an official launch of the association on 1 January 2014.

In Brussels, the EFFPA formally elected Paul Featherstone (SugaRich) as President and Kees van Gorp (VIDO) as Vice-President.

EFFPA has been set up by seven founding members, including the national former foodstuff processors associations VIDO (NL), BFan (DE) and Valoria (FR) and the companies SugaRich (UK), Trotec (BE), DALMA (IT) and Promic Group (ES). The establishment of national associations of former foodstuff processors in the countries with company representation is still ongoing.

Former foodstuffs are foodstuffs, which are no longer suitable for human consumption for various reasons (e.g. broken biscuits, over-flavoured crisps, incorrectly packaged confectionary) but which present a high nutrient value for feeding farm animals.

The founding members represent approximately 70 per cent of the EU market for feed use of processed former foodstuffs, which is estimated at three million ton per year.

EFFPA is actively increasing its visibility within its own sector in the countries it holds membership and is seeking to expand to other EU Member States as well.

It is EFFPA’s goal to facilitate the implementation of a legislative framework at EU level that would ensure the safe use of former foodstuffs in feed for food-producing animals, thus reducing food wastage.