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UK's Pig Association to Address MPs on Food Waste

by 5m Editor
15 October 2013, at 6:00am

UK - Lizzie Press of the National Pig Association (NPA) will address the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Agroecology today (15 October), when it considers food waste and pig feed.

Also present will be producer John Wrigby, Jonathan French, of BOCM Pauls, Marcus Bates, of British Pig Association, Digby Scott, NPA Webmaster, Dr Peter Cottney, of NPA, Michelle Sprent, of Premier Nutrition, Jill Thomson, of Pig Veterinary Society, John Knight, of AB Nutrition, Paul Featherstone, of Sugarich and Richard Longthorp, chairman of NPA.

The purpose of the meeting is to consider the question of feeding swill to pigs. Speakers will include Tristram Stuart, of the Pig Idea.