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Cabinet Approves Legislation on Animal By-products

by 5m Editor
20 November 2013, at 6:02am

SPAIN - The Cabinet has approved a royal decree amending current regulations concerning standards for animal by-products and derived products not intended for human consumption.

The new legislation establishes detailed rules for the implementation of a community legislation, which allows the use of hydrolysis as a method for temporary storage of certain pig products.

The hydrolysis followed by elimination is a voluntary method that can accommodate temporary storage of certain pork products generated on-farm during spontaneous phenomena occurring from auto hydrolysis under certain conditions, requirements and prescriptions.

As a result, pig producers can manage materials generated on the farm in which hydrolysis takes place.

The main new features introduced with respect to the regulated community in the said regulations refer to certain requirements for containers, method of work and, crucially, the official inspection to be carried out by the competent authorities.

In particular, it requires regular monitoring of containers to verify the absence of corrosion and leaks. This is necessary to establish certain minimum characteristics to ensure that containers are designed and built specifically for the storage of animal by-products in safety from the point of view of health and environment.