PED-Positive Submissions: Rate of Increase in Positive Cases Accelerates

28 November 2013, at 10:17pm

US - The total number of swine accessions and diagnostic case submissions testing positive for the Porcine Epidemic Diarrhoea (PED) virus now stands at 1,279, writes Jackie Linden. The rate of increase has again accelerated.

By farm class, this figure for the total number of positive laboratory swine accessions/diagnostic case submissions breaks down as follows between the weeks of 15 April and 17 November: suckling, 283 (+34); nursery, 228 (+22); grower/finisher, 428 (+39); sows/boars, 185 (+6) and 165 (+21) unknown. The total is up 118 from the previous week.

No states have reported a first positive result in the last week and so the total affected remains at 19. Those states with 10 or more positive tests are: Iowa, 401; Oklahoma, 237; North Carolina, 219; Kansas, 131; Minnesota, 95; Indiana, 32; Colorado, 31; Ohio, 30; Pennsylvania, 23; Texas, 17 and Illinois, 16.

For the week of 10 to 16 November, Iowa again leads the 'league table' in the number of new positive results, accounting for 46 of the total of 118 new cases, followed by Minnesota with 18, North Carolina with 14 and Oklahoma, 11.

In mid-June, the reporting system was adjusted. For the weeks prior to 16 June, laboratories were able to provide diagnostic case submissions as well as the number of premises testing positive for PEDv. Since 16 June, the data refer only to diagnostic cases submissions ('swine accessions').

From the week of 16 June to week of 17 November, the total number of biological (swine) samples testing positive is 3,921, up from 3,609 the previous week (+308); the previous total has been adjusted since last week. The most-affected states by this measure are: North Carolina, 1,096; Oklahoma, 875; Iowa, 648; Kansas, 569; Minnesota, 229; Colorado, 99; Ohio, 96; Pennsylvania, 78; Illinois, 64; Texas, 53 and Indiana, 38. Other states, where positive, reported 20 positives or fewer.

In the most recent week reported (week of 17 November), the following states reported one or more positive results: Colorado (15), Iowa (81), Illinois (10), Indiana (6), Kansas (19), Minnesota (30), North Carolina (54), Ohio (5), Oklahoma (56), Pennsylvania (5), Tennessee (4), Texas (21) and Wisconsin (2).

The total number of environmental samples testing positive for PEDv has been reported weekly since the week of 16 June. The total has reached 903, which is 145 more than the previous week's figure. The totals for each state are as follows (with the increase in brackets: Colorado, 14 (=); Iowa, 92 (+15); Illinois, 24 (=); Kansas, 147 (+22); Minnesota, 241 (+34); Missouri, 14 (+6); North Carolina, 48 (+14); Nebraska, 2 (+2); Ohio, 26 (+2); Oklahoma 235 (+46); Pennsylvania, 4 (=); South Dakota, 1 (=); Tennessee, 3 (+3); Virginia, 2 (=); unknown, 50 (+1).

These data are collated by USDA APHIS VS NVSL National Animal Health Laboratory Network (NAHLN) and cited by the American Association of Swine Veterinarians (AASV) in a report dated 20 November.

Total number of swine samples testing positive for PEDv per week.
(Laboratories began reporting number of samples the week of 16 June 2013)

Cumulative number of swine samples testing positive for PEDv.
(Laboratories began reporting number of samples the week of 16 June 2013)

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