Italian Pig Farmers Urge Institutions to 'Adopt' Pigs to Protect Ham

by 5m Editor
6 December 2013, at 6:36am

ITALY - Italian pig farmers from all regions gathered before Parliament on Thursday (5 December), calling for institutions to "adopt" pigs in an attempt to protect Italian prosciutto, which, in the last five years, has been imitated in foreign countries.

The initiative is part of Coldiretti's "Christmas Battle: Choose Italy" campaign to support farmers fight against piracy of food because it is causing unfair competition, according to Coldiretti president Roberto Moncalvo, who is also spearheading the campaign.

According to Mr Moncalvo, "Currently in Italy, two out of three hams come from pigs raised in the Netherlands, Denmark, France, Germany and Spain without this being clearly shown in the label."

He said that consumers are being deceived, and this is harmful to Italian farmers because they are committed to complying with strict production rules in order to produce high quality meat.