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Alberta Pork Puts Producers on Alert as PEDv Hits Canada

by 5m Editor
28 January 2014, at 5:52am

CANADA - The experts warned that it was only a matter of time before PEDv arrived in Canada. That time is now.

The first known Canadian case of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus (PEDv) was detected today at a farm in Middlesex County, Ontario.

PED is a viral disease causing severe vomiting and diarrhea in young pigs. In finisher pigs, the clinical signs are much less obvious and typically present as mild diarrhea.

While it is not transmissible to humans and poses no threat to the food supply, PEDv causes up to 100 per cent mortality in nursing pigs from 3-5 weeks of age.

PEDv was confirmed for the first time in U.S. swine herds in May of 2013, and has since been detected in 23 states, resulting in 2-3 million pig deaths.

“We’ve been working hard with producers and industry to keep this devastating disease out of our province,” said Alberta Pork Executive Director Darcy Fitzgerald. “So far we’ve been successful, but this case really underlines the need to be vigilant with our biosecurity at all times.”

While there is currently no preventative vaccine for PEDv, there are some steps producers can take to reduce their risk and protect their farms.

“Producers need to focus on biosecurity measures that reduce the potential transmission of the virus from outside sources,” said Alberta swine veterinarian Dr Egan Brockhoff of Prairie Swine Health Services in Red Deer. “This includes pig transports, live pigs, and both essential and non-essential visitors.”

“We urge producers to review their trailer cleaning, washing, disinfecting and drying protocols for all transports coming to their farm,” said Dr Brockhoff. “This also applies to all of their entry protocols for people and materials that enter their barn. Please consult your herd veterinarian for further details.”

“The urgency of PEDv prevention has increased,” said Mr Fitzgerald, “but our message remains the same. If you see any suspect signs, contact your veterinarian immediately. Early detection is the key.”

For more information on PED or details on upcoming Alberta Pork PED telephone town hall and in-person meetings, see the article Alberta Pork Hosting PEDv In-Person Meetings for Producers Starting Next Week in the news section and look for invitations coming by email and fax.

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