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Rules on Euthanasia Training Clarified

3 January 2014, at 4:06am

UK - New rules on euthanasia training for stockmen working on Red Tractor-approved farms have been clarified.

In April 2013, changes were made to the Red Tractor Assurance pigs scheme standards.

In relation to emergency euthanasia producers were given 12 months (until April 2014) to ensure that their stockmen have been formally trained and assessed as competent to carry out euthanasia.

This training can be carried out by a vet or a suitably trained and experienced person, as signed off by the vet. Following this training, competence is assessed and recorded by a vet.

Training workshops can be organised by veterinary practices and other organisations.

Red Tractor Appendix AH 7.2 covers the requirements extensively. For further information, please get in touch with Red Tractor on 0207 630 3320.

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