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Government Promises to Back British Farm Exports

26 February 2014, at 12:59pm

UK - Cutting red tape, encouraging innovation and safeguarding plant and animal health all set the right environment for farm businesses to grow, farming minister George Eustice told the National Farmers’ Union Conference in Birmingham.

Mr Eustice said that the priority for the British government over the last year has ben to open up new markets for British agricultural produce.

“In the last year alone, we have opened up 112 markets for animals and animal products contributing to an increase of nearly £180 million in these products to non-EU markets,” he said.

“The latest provisional figures show that exports have grown to nearly £19 billion in 2013 and there is room to grow even further.”

Mr Eustice said that the over the last year the UK has signed a deal with China on pork that has contributed £9 billion of growth in the pork market in addition to £12 million of growth in hides and skins.

There has also been a deal on pig genetics with China together with live pig exports worth up to £45 million over five years.

A deal has been secured with Russia for beef and lamb that is worth £100 million over the next three years.

The government is also to relaunch the Export Action Plan committing the UK to deliver £500 million worth of business by supporting companies in their international growth by 2015.

“The world’s population is growing, Tastes are changing and we want British agriculture to be at the forefront of supplying these new markets,” Mr Eustice said.

“The government backs the business of British farming. You are at the heart of our long-term economic plan.”

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