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US - Everything you do in your farming operations can make the difference between success and failure. Absolute Swine Insemination Co., LLC (ASIC) wants to be sure your farm is packed with the strongest and most accurate arsenal of breeding knowledge and products available today.
calendar icon 10 February 2014
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Your company is at war. Did you know it? You fight the packers over price, the feed providers, pharmaceutical companies, employees, unions; and nowadays pretty much fight everyone just to break even. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a “secret weapon”? ASIC wants to help you!

Not only do we have the most successful , unparalleled performance line of AMG™ catheters in the world; we also offer high performance semen extender, the world’s best heat lamps, bottles, flat packs, traditional catheters (in case your farm breaks with PRRS), lubricants, sorting panels, disinfectants, odour eliminators, fly-away products, marking pens and other consumable items (a complete list is on ASIC's web site,

ASIC is no longer just a small little niche company that only offers the advanced line of AMG products; no, it is its goal to become your one-stop shopping centre for all of your breeding needs.

Do you need container shipments anywhere in the world; sure, we can provide that type of volume. Are you already a sizeable distributor that would like to private label our products? We can talk about that too...

Are you an independent smaller farm or part of a cooperative; we can serve your needs too!

Did you know our technology has received 16 patents and is protected in close to 50 countries around the world? Never, not once, have we been refused a patent which proves the novelty and potential success our flagship product - the AMG Series - has to offer.

In addition to the numerous accolades listed in our PowerPoint Presentation (one comes in every box of catheters), immediately following is data from other farms that have been using our products for years (and or recent trials).

We are only showing the 'improvement' the AMG Series provided since many farms wish to remain anonymous.

As they say, the best salesman for any company is a satisfied customer!

Please enjoy reading the success stories on this link:

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