Classical Swine Fever Under Control in Colombia

COLOMBIA - The Agricultural Institute, ICA, reports than Classical Swine Fever has been eradicated from Cesar, the region where there have been outbreaks, the most recent one being in January this year.
calendar icon 21 March 2014
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After the contingency plan advanced by the ICA in the region of Cesar - where in 2013 were detected outbreaks of Classical Swine Fever - the Institute has been able to verify that the disease has been eradicated.

Sentinel pigs, brought in the disease-free zone of Antioquia and delivered to farmers in Valledupar have shown no signs of the disease.

This work was done with with support of the pig producers association as ICA intensified the vaccination programme against Classical Swine Fever in that region.

Murgas Francisco Rafael Arzuaga, manager of the local branch of ICA in Cesar, said vaccination had slowed down the emergence of new pockets of infection of the virus, which only affects pigs.

The vaccination programme is underway in pigs across the region, particularly in the municipality of Chiriguaná and the districts of La Loma, Rincón Hondo and El Hatillo where the source of infection appears to have been eradicated. Cleaning and disinfection activities and plans for health education and epidemiological surveillance will continue.

Meanwhile ICA's epidemiologist in Valledupar, Francisco Daza Ovalle, said that all these procedures are supported by the authorities, in addition to laboratory tests to diagnose suspicious cases and checkpoints to ensure movement controls are being observed.

Mr Arzuaga reiterated the call for pork producers to continue vaccination and to report any sick pigs on their farm.

Thanks to the timely action of affected communities, he said, it has been possible to control the disease, which has cost more than US$50 million in compensation to affected pig producers.

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