Pork Price Fixing to Ease Shortages in Thailand

by 5m Editor
27 March 2014, at 7:52am

THAILAND - Retail prices for lean pork will be capped at 150-155 baht a kilogramme while ex-factory pork prices will be fixed at 76-78 baht until the end of March.

Bangkok Post reports that exports will be also be curbed to 500-600 pigs a day from 1,200, according to farm caretaker minister Yukol Limlaemthong on Wednesday.

An epidemic has killed piglets and pushed up raisers' costs to 65 baht a kg from 62 baht, Mr Yukol said, quoting the decision of the ministry's pig board on Wednesday.

The Livestock Department will crack down on vaccine smuggling and control vaccine use while raisers will be asked to change their farming methods.