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RUSSIA - What a wild six weeks! Pork prices have gone up, up, UP!! In Russia as a result of the border closing between Russia and the EU, situation in Crimea has people concerned, and the PEDv issues in North America, writes Susan Wulf, Managing Director, Russia.
calendar icon 20 March 2014
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Live hog prices last week in the region bordering the Ukraine were: Kursk, 83 rub/kg, Belgorod and Voronezh, 85 ru/kg, Bryansk 84 ru/kg, and Krasnodar 90 ru/kg. This week in Krasnodar is 92 ru/kg = 2.54 USD/kg, or $1.15 USD per pound. January started in the mid 70’s, and as you can see are now mid 80’s to low 90’s per kilo for live weight.

Of course, there is the increased meat going into already stocked freezers in EU that were before being shipped to Russia – bad for EU and Russia alike. EU can’t sell meat or transport animals to Russia, Russians cannot buy sausage, farsh (ground pork), trimmings and sala (backfat).

So, what does it mean for Genesus? Well, we can proudly say we have a nucleus farm, with compartment 4 biosecurity producing high indexing purebred animals for sale, here in the Krasnodar region. We use Canadian genetics, and have recently brought in new Canadian boars to the herd to accelerate the genetic progress. Yes, producers want the Canadian genetics, and with lower prices and air delivery to Europe, then trucking, we often supplied from Canada. Now, we are seeing a surge in requests for purebred Canadian animals born here in Russia.

With the increase in price for meat in the markets, the Russian people are looking for quality meat, and often times the meat found in the market is pale, dry and flavorless. Now taste and tenderness are important. And, as pork prices have gone up (and supply down), beef and chicken prices have gone up as well. It is not to the point of being a luxury, but Russian people are being more selective in their choices of meat protein, and rightly so.

Our nucleus farm here in Pavlovskaya has consistently been able to garner the highest prices for the animals they have sold to the market, at times getting 5-7 rubles more per kilo. The processors are pleased with color, marbling, and primal cuts. And now, the word is out among producers to come to us to get that in their barns as well.

Some people have asked about our safety here in Russia. I personally can say that I have been in Moscow, the Ural mountain area, Krasnodar region and north of St. Petersburg in the last month without any issues. Also have been through immigration several times. The people of Russia welcome the North Americans, and are glad we are here to help them with their pork production.

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