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Bulgarian Pig Farmers to Receive Share of BGN48 Million

by 5m Editor
28 April 2014, at 7:09am

BULGARIA - Speaking at a press conference, Agriculture Minister Professor Dimitar Grekov said that efforts are being made to structure new measures.

According to FOCUS News Agency, Professor Grekov said, "Bulgarian farmers raising pigs and poultry will receive some BGN 48 million by 15 May in the form of state aid for the welfare [of the animals].

"Bulgarian stock-breeders will receive some BGN 11 million by May or June as minimal aid for stock-breeding called "de minimus". A part of the state aid under a scheme for protection of fruit-trees against diseases – some BGN 500,000 for treating [the tress] in the winter has been paid, the rest of the funding is due to be paid by the end of spring."

He also explained state aid was to be allocated for the production of high-quality seeds at the amount of BGN 500,000 as well as state aid for associations, for keeping track of genetic resources and others at the amount of BGN 2 million.

The Minister also said state aid estimated at about BGN 10,000 will be paid for insurance activities.

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