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Inspections Prevent the Spread of ASF in Russia

11 August 2014, at 8:15am

RUSSIA - The Russian Federation is putting practices in place to prevent the spread of African Swine Fever (ASF) which has devastating impacts in the production and sale of pork and its products.

In Accordance with the request made by the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation A. Dvorkovich on the 24 October, 2012 the veterinary supervision Rosselkhoznadzor has been making regular unannounced checks at sites in the Republic of Tatarstan with the aim to prevent the introduction and spread of ASF in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Within the last seven months Rosselkhoznadzor has updated 10 divisions of the state veterinary service of the country, 175 business entities engaged in the production, processing and marketing of pork products.

The result of these checks has identified 95 cases of administrative offences and imposed fines totaling 278.5 thousand Rubles.

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