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Third Case of FMD Reported in South Korea Since 2011

12 August 2014, at 9:19am

SOUTH KOREA - On 7 August, a new case of Foot-and-Mouth (FMD) disease was detected and confirmed on a farm in South Korea.

A total of 120 pigs at a Hapcheon farm located 350km from Seoul have showed symptoms of FMD including sudden lameness and blisters found on the feet and mouth, reports Yonhap News.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs all the infected pigs have now been destroyed.

This is the third case of the disease in the country, with the first being reported on a farm in Uiseong late last month.

The last FMD outbreak back in 2011 led to the culling of nearly 3.5 million animals, including pigs, cows and sheep which caused $2.64 billion in damage.

To prevent another outbreak all farms in South Korea are legally required to vaccinate their pigs and cows against the disease.

Fines have been put in place for farmers who refuse to vaccinate their animals due to cost of vaccine and the effect it has on the meat quality.

Further Reading

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