EU Pig Prices: Very Weak Market

EU - The European pig slaughter market proves to be weak this current week. The price of pigs is decreasing at a rapid pace.
calendar icon 24 September 2014
clock icon 2 minute read

With its minus 10 cents, the German quotation determined the scale on Wednesday 17 September; the quotations declined fast everywhere. The price corrections range from 2.7 cents in Denmark to 11.4 cents in the Netherlands. This is a disaster is what all market participants unanimously say in the various EU member countries.

Both the seasonal increase of quantities on offer and the Russian ban on imports of European pork together cause this hard drop in prices which hits all producers to the core everywhere.

As a response to the situation, the Belgian farmers’ association Algemeen Boeren Syndicaat (ABS) calls its members for a supply boycott in December.

Over the past two years, the vivid EU export activities had helped the pig prices boost during the second half of the year. Most recently, the producers’ readiness to supply is additionally increased as a result of the overall uncertainty and the quantities on offer.

Trend for the German market:

The market participants’ uncertainty has not quite vanished by the beginning of the week. Reducing the excessive quantities of pigs for slaughter has started and the situation begins to relax.

Charlotte Rowney

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