Pork Production Down Seven Per Cent in Chile

25 November 2014, at 9:04am

CHILE – Pork imports were down by more than 20 per cent last month, says a ministry report.

Poultry and pork production slipped as cattle increased slightly, although not enough to hurt beef values.

Chicken and turkey meat output dropped 3.7 and 3.2 per cent respectively, according to Chile’s agriculture minister (ODEPA).

Pork fell 6.9 per cent, with supplies hit by a 21 per cent drop in imports due to contraction in Canada and the US.

Production is being hampered by 10.1 per cent higher livestock costs and a 7.5 per cent lift in labour costs.

Beef production fell as beef values rose 11 per cent, pushing exports 4.2 per cent lower. Imports lifted slightly.

Overall, meat shipments were lower, although a major drop off in China buying was countered by a lift in trade with Hong Kong.