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MEXICO - During February, the farm grain prices will be as follows: i) corn at $225 vs $244.00 previous month ($3,410 vs $3,590 Mx/Ton), 5.0 per cent below previous month. ii) Sorghum $215 vs $175.00 ($3,260 Mx/Ton), 22.9 per cent above previous month, and iii) soybean meal $482 vs. $576 ($7,300 Mx/Ton) 16.3 per cent below a month ago, writes Carlos A. Peralta - President & R. Carlos Rodriedguez – Vice-president.
calendar icon 12 February 2015
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The feed costs had a constant value in USD terms but not in Mexican pesos terms. Sorghum has had a double positive effect in terms of international price reduction and more USD per Mx due the Mexican peso devaluation.

The life slaughter price for Mexico City metropolitan area is at $1.71 vs. $1.88 USD/Kg ($25.86 Mx/Kg), nine per cent below previous month in USD terms.

Average production cost still between $1.28 - $1.32 USD/Kg vs. $1.37 - $1.41 USD/Kg a couple of months ago (6.6 per cent below previous report) but in terms of Mexican pesos we had a negative effect above 5.0 per cent . This positive or negative effect is due basically to the new exchange rate between USD and Mx. ($1.00 USD: $15.16 Mx).

Independently the adjustments in the new exchange rate and the new slaughter prices, the industry still having a profitable business obtaining $0.3865 USD/Kg or $46.38 USD/@ per 120 Kg slaughter pig.

With the approved since 11 December of the Mexican Government (Ministry of Economy) to import pork meat with a non-compensatory tariff from Countries outside the NAFTA agreement, Mexico will continue increasing their imports and the local pig producers will suffer the consequences due the slaughter price reduction for the year 2015. Due this reason, the National Pig Producers Organisations are analyzing the measure and are trying obtain justifications to cancel this measure to reduce as much as possible the negative effect that will be caused in the industry during 2015 due the extra national production (four per cent ) higher than during 2014.


The Mexican Sanitary Authorities announced the total Mexican States who form the Mexican Republic are Free of Aujeszky disease. With this new health situation, Mexico could increase dramatically their pork meat export volumes. Actually Mexico exported close to 86,000 MT per year.

New Mexican opportunities to have a better international presence in the pork meat sector motivated the Government authorities and pig producers organisations to be more involved in the producers to improve their pig production practices in their farms and also to reduce as much as possible the health risks. Also they are working together to have a better control in Truck wash locations and disinfection of all the trucks and cages used in this industry.

The Mexican Producers Confederation (CPM) is planning to present five events during 2015 to taste the pork meat in different regions around the Country to increase the pig meat consumption, using flavor and nutritional value as the mains characteristics of the pork meat. The slogan for the campaign will be “The Mexican Pork Meat is the Mexico´s great Flavor”

Talking about figures. . .

  • Pork meat has the 3rd. position in meat consumption in Mexico
  • Per capita pork meat consumption in Mexico is: 16.5 Kg.
  • Chiapas State (S) has a per capita pork meat consumption of: 18 Kg.
  • Jalisco (W) and Sonora (NW) states produced 19 and 18 per cent , respectively of the total pork meat production in Mexico
  • Mexico is the number 16th. Worldwide pig producer
  • According with the Mexican Agriculture Ministry (SAGARPA), México has 54,613 registered production units in the National Pig Farms Census.

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