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EU Pig Prices: Markets Are Balanced Again

19 March 2015, at 1:55pm

EU - The European pig slaughter market appears in an unsettled way again this week.

At the same time the quotations in the EU member states which are being observed show little movement only.

The weakening German market, leading to a 3 cents’ price decrease, could not be evaded completely by some countries.

The German fall in prices was mostly attributed to the large quantities on offer at lacking impetus on the meat market.

The Belgian quotation also went down to the same extent. The Austrians are not quite as pessimistic with regard to the situation as it is on the pig market. With reference to how prices are developing in Germany and to the Austrian buyers’ demand, the Austrian quotation went down slightly. The Dutch quotation, too, only partly followed the German price.

Unchanged prices were observed in Spain and Denmark. With their small price increase, the French find their situation slightly positive.

Great Britain had their prices go up further. On top of that, the corrected quotation, from the British point of view, also benefits from the very favourable exchange rate.

Trend for the German market:

The situation gets more and more relaxed every day. According to the marketers, backlog supply has been completely sold. The market is balanced again. So, the prices are currently expected to develop in a steady way.

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