EU Pig Prices: Upward Trend Continues

23 April 2015, at 2:01pm

EU - Over the current week of slaughter the European pig slaughter market shows a friendly mood.

The markets continue going up. The price increases range from 0.8 cents (France) to 5.1 cents (Austria).

While the price went up for the second week in a row in Germany, the positive trend also got to Austria. Backlog supply that had piled up there could be reduced. As a consequence, the prices could be increased considerably.

After the most recent price increase, Germany now ranks third within the five major pig-keeping EU member countries’ price structure, quoting at a corrected price level of €1.446 per kg slaughter weight, ranking right behind France.

Demand in France does not lead to a noticeable price increase. In Spain as well, the seasonal upward trend can be seen clearly for the first time this week, with a corrected 2.9 cents. At the same time, the Spanish exports are booming.

Trend for the German market

The situation on the pig slaughter market is no longer as exuberant as it was last week, yet it is balanced all in all. Despite the reduced numbers of slaughter carried out in some slaughter companies, the quantities on offer on the market can be sold completely, according to the marketers.

The weather being sunny and warm should have a positive effect on the meat market. So, the price level so far achieved is expected to stabilise.

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