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Highlighting Potential Welfare Improvements in UK Pigs

20 April 2015, at 8:59am

UK - About half the Real Welfare assessments being done by vets are now being submitted either through the portal or the app.

However, this means 50 per cent are still be sent to the bureau service for input and that service will not be continuing indefinitely.

And that means vet practices must start taking active steps to tail off their use of the bureau and step up using either the app or portal.

Health and welfare projects manager, Katja Stoddart, said: “To get the most out of a Real Welfare visit by a vet, it is important to review the results at the time.

“If the app is being used this becomes even easier as if offers immediate feedback and a visual representation for discussion.

“It is an extremely important tool for both producers and vets and can highlight where improvements can be made. Uptake of the app has been steady but we still have some way to go and I would encourage all vets to download it.”

For more information for vets on the Real Welfare protocol, visit the BPEX web site [click here].

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