Japan Recognises Mexican Classical Swine Fever Efforts

29 April 2015, at 9:55am

MEXICO - Japan has recognised Mexico as free from Classical Swine Fever.

The recognition by Japan, based on the risk analysis conducted by the veterinary services of China, allows the export of pork meat under conditions of greater competitiveness.

The chief director of Mexico's National Health, Food Safety and Quality Service (SENASICA), Enrique Sánchez Cruz, announced the move by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan (MAFF).

He added that the recognition of the country as free from Classical Swine Fever favours the commercial position of Mexican products on the main national and international markets, contributing to maintain and promote the export of beef and pork products.

The pork is added to a number of Mexican products present in the Japanese market, among them avocado, broccoli, tomatoes, asparagus, kabocha squash, bluefin tuna and shrimp.

In this context, Japan has become the third best destination for Mexican exports of agricultural and fishery products, as well as an important option for diversification of niche markets in the Asian region and east.

Mr Sánchez Cruz stressed that the current openness of markets is a joint effort between the Federal Government and producers to implement health and safety programs in food production, which has given Mexico the recognition and trust of international health authorities.

He concluded that coordination between different levels of government and producers is critical to quickly and effectively address issues of health and food safety.

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