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EU Pig Prices: End of Fall in Prices – Markets Balanced

13 May 2015, at 12:00am

EU - The fall in prices on the European pig slaughter market stopped this week. The market now appears in a steady way.

The individual EU member countries’ quotations are moving sideward or are showing just little changes around the level reached so far.

The European producers are in agreement about their discontentment as to the current price level which for years has not been on a level that low in May.

The German quotation having stood its ground was a supportive factor for the whole European market. Apart from in Germany, unchanged prices were reported on from Austria, Belgium and Denmark.

The end of the falling prices was emphasised in the Netherlands, where a slightly upward price correction was observed.

Marginal price corrections were also done by the Spanish.

As a result of pressure through weak demand because of unfavourable weather conditions and of international competitiveness, the French quotation responded with a corrected -2.4 cents, thus getting closer to the Danish price level which is followed by the German and Dutch quotations.

Trend for the German market:

According to the market participants, the market situation is expected to remain balanced over the next few days with regard to pigs for slaughter. The public holiday to come does not cause major problems, as is stated by the marketers. The quantities on offer have already been placed. So, the price level is anticipated to remain unchanged.

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