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EU Pig Prices: Go-Ahead Given for Price Increase

19 June 2015, at 12:00am

EU - The price increase on the European pig slaughter market have finally picked up speed.

According to expectations, the quotations started to speed up noticeably in large parts of Europe. The price movements altogether ranged from a corrected plus 2.7 cents to Austria’s plus 5.1 cent at the top level.

The German price increase was trend-setting once again. Summer weather and barbecues are very important sources of inspiration.

The mood is lightening in Austria as well. The market participants bet on increasing prices because of decreasing slaughter weights and a shortfall in supply.

After having been treading water for weeks, Denmark has also jumped on the bandwagon now.

Slaughter weights have gone down in Spain, where the summer heat is setting about and the quotation is therefore going up. Yet, the Spaniards are complaining about the aggressive price battle fought on the export market.

In France the prices went up last but not least because of the pressure exerted by the producers.

Trend for the German market:

The friendly atmosphere is establishing on the pig slaughter market. Pigs for slaughter continue to be well demanded. The marketers still show large buying-selling capacities. Barbecue meat remains the most important article in the meat business. All in all, prices are expected to increase moderately.

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