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EU Pig Prices: Unchanged Market Trend – Protest Movement in France

30 July 2015, at 12:00am

EU - The European pig slaughter market still has not got going this week. The quotations show a steady development altogether.

As the market participants comment with one voice, a fresh breeze can hardly be noted on the meat market. Reports are noteworthy on the small quantities of pigs which are available on the market.

In the South in particular, the heat is of discomfort to animals. Thus, the daily growth is reduced. But in Spain, too, the summerly price increase is not going on.

Contrasting price development is observed in France. There the quotation went up slightly while the producers emphasise their demands by going on strike.

Meanwhile, they also are an important item in the news in the other European countries. Yet, it was impossible to sell all pigs on offer right before the latest level of quoting. There is a lot of displeasure in Great Britain with the producers starting to protest.

Trend for the German market:

Basically, the situation may be described in just a few words: Everything stays the way it is. The arguments valid for pricing continue to be the same. The quantities on offer remain few with slower demand. From that, the market trend is expected to remain unchanged.

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