EU Pig Prices: Unclear Picture - Germany Plays a Special Role

24 July 2015, at 12:00am

EU - This current week, the European pig slaughter market is not drawing a clear line.

The prices are moving down, remaining unchanged or even going up. With its negative 2 cents’ price correction, the German quotation is made an eye-catcher.

Since German slaughter companies did not accept last week’s level of quotations, the quotation was reduced to so-called discount prices.

Unlike otherwise common, the European environment does not follow this time. The various countries rather respond in different ways.

Unchanged prices are reported from Spain, Denmark, Belgium and Austria. In southern Europe, the summer heat wave spreads ever further, making the quantities of live pigs on offer going farther down.

In view of the low quantities on offer, the slaughter companies reduced the days of slaughter.

According to reports, sufficient merchandise is yet available on the markets in southern Europe.

Holiday makers are expected to support the markets by additional demand over the next weeks in the holiday regions. Cross-border complaints about lean meat business are expressed. Nevertheless, the French quotation was raised by a corrected 3.3 cents. This price increase, however, is much more a result of the French producers’ requests.

Trend for the German market:

The situation has calmed down again after the most recent price decreases. The low quantities of pigs on offer still are absorbed without trouble.

The slaughter companies’ demand remains just as low as the quantities on offer. From today’s point of view, everything points toward an unchanged market development.