Novus Releases MINTREX® Chelated Trace Minerals Video

by 5m Editor
27 July 2015, at 12:00am

Video highlights product’s superior performance when compared to inorganic trace minerals

Novus International Inc., a global leader in animal nutrition, announces the release of a video featuring its highly-effective chelated trace mineral product, MINTREX®. MINTREX chelated trace minerals provide high quality, highly bioavailable zinc, manganese and copper. Chelated with methionine hydroxy-analog (HMTBa), MINTREX is stable across a range of pH environments. It provides effective protection when moving through the digestive tract and allows efficient transport across the intestinal wall. Its unique chemical structure makes it even more bioavailable than other organic and inorganic mineral sources.

MINTREX chelated trace minerals optimize key production parameters above levels obtained by other organic and inorganic mineral sources, directly increasing customer profitability by improving feed efficiency while improving critical gut health and increasing nutrient digestibility to improve growth rate.

Chelated trace mineral nutrition is critical to maximizing profitability. Increased bioavailability of trace minerals can improve animal health and structure. Optimal trace mineral nutrition provides several benefits to the animal, including improved growth performance, immune development, structural integrity of tissues, bone development and strength, protection against oxidation and enzymatic activity.

Backed by more than ten years of scientific research, the MINTREX line of chelated trace minerals is the cornerstone of Novus organic trace mineral solutions. To meet the needs of each individual operation, MINTREX Zn, MINTREX Cu, MINTREX Mn, as well as premium blends are available around the world.

To view the full video, visit Novus’s YouTube channel at To learn more about Novus, MINTREX as well as Novus’s other minerals solutions, visit the company’s corporate web site at