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EU Pig Prices: Friendly in the North, Weaker in the South

17 September 2015, at 12:00am

EU - The market is being split in two on the European pig slaughter market

The mood went further up in the northern and north-western parts of Europe. After the holiday season, the meat business is much more stimulated again both as to fresh meat and processed meat.

Exports towards Asia have also picked up speed again, causing additional demand.

Accordingly, price increases of around 3 cents could not only be realised in Germany but also in the Netherlands, in Austria, Belgium and in Denmark.

While in North Europe the market profits by the end of the holiday season, the South traditionally experiences pig price decreases.

In Spain in particular with its -2 cents, the quotation is under pressure.

Although demand is weak, the average price of the Plerin auction could be maintained in France. There, the conflict between the pig feeders and the customers is still going on.

Two major slaughter companies are still missing as participants of the stock market. Export-oriented companies in particular are afraid of being outdistanced in the European competition as a result of high purchase prices.

Trend for the German market: The quantities of pigs for slaughter on offer are going slightly up for seasonal reasons. The offer, however, is well demanded. With the second half of the week still to come, the order books are still presenting some gaps. All in all, the market participants are expecting the prices to remain unchanged for the week to come.

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