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‘How to’ Videos for Real Welfare App

22 September 2015, at 12:00am

UK - A series of ‘how to’ videos are in production covering all aspects of carrying out a Real Welfare assessment using the app. The aim is to encourage as many people as possible to use the app, especially in the light of the closure of the Real Welfare bureau service on 1 November.

Health and Welfare Projects Co-ordinator Katja Stoddart said: “We have already drawn up a list of topics and are working up the story boards so we aim to have them up and running before the bureau closes.

“The one-minute films will cover a wide range of topics including how to oversample a pen, setting up and amending buildings, reviewing data and for novice users, how to take a sample from beginning to end.

“The value of Real Welfare is reviewing the data. If vets collect it then don’t discuss it with producers it nobody is going to get the full benefit from it.”

The closure of the bureau service means data can either be submitted using the app, for either I-phone or Android, or through the web portal.

Katja said they had already seen a reduction in the number of assessments coming through the bureau so the alternatives are being used more.

She said: “Ideally vets should use the app as it allows them to get instant results and discuss them with the producer immediately.

“This means any potential problems can be nipped in the bud whereas, if they waited until the next visit, a potential problem could have become a serious issue.”

The app is available free for both Android and I-phone.

The iOS version can be downloaded on this address while the Android is version is at and the portal can be accessed on

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