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Ailing Pig, Dairy Sectors Get EU Promo Boost

14 October 2015, at 12:00am

EUROPE - Programmes worth €111 million have been set up by the EU to find new markets and promote consumption both outside and inside the Union in 2016.

"Enjoy, it's from Europe" is the title of the new promotion policy adopted by the European Commission.

To achieve the goals of international market access and consumer awareness of EU farmers' efforts, the Commission will make more resources available, will increase the co-financing rate and will cut the red tape for the approval of projects.

The EU budget for agricultural promotion has been increasing from €61 million in 2013 (when the new rules were proposed), and the aim is to further increase this to €200 million in 2019.

The 2016 promotion programme will targets selected list of third countries where there is the highest potential for growth in particular to the sectors experiencing a particularly difficult market situation, like dairy and pig meat.

Of the total amount, €30 million were specifically earmarked to support promotion measures in these two sectors.

Commissioner for Agriculture & Rural Development Phil Hogan stated today: "I am particularly pleased to announce the ring-fencing of €30 million for the troubled milk and pigmeat sectors as part of the recently announced €500 million agri-markets package.

"I look forward to mounting a diplomatic offensive in the coming months, leading trade missions to open further opportunities for EU producers across the globe."

Further Reading

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