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Pork Marinades, Shoulder are Bright Spots for UK Retail Sales

19 October 2015, at 12:00am

UK - Over the last 12 week period, ending 13 September, pork sales were down across all cuts except shoulder and ‘other cuts’ (due mainly to marinades).

Pork continues to lose sales as consumers switch to fresh chicken, chilled ready meals and main meal accompaniments.

Year on year, the levels of promotional activity by retailers were also down across most of the major cuts.

Whilst overall sales were down, the Hard Discounters continued to buck the trend, accounting for a record 16 per cent share of pork volume sales in the latest three months.

The amount of chops/steaks purchased continues to fall and was down by two per cent, despite a fall in average retail prices, and this resulted in a nine per cent drop in expenditure.

An increase in roasting joint purchases in the Hard Discounters was more than offset by declines in the Big 4 Grocers. However, pork shoulder enjoyed a nine per cent increase in volume sales, driven by a strong performance in the latest four weeks, when average prices fell by 10 per cent.

Bacon volumes have remained stable compared with a year ago, as average prices dropped by four per cent year on year.

The Hard Discounters continue to perform strongly; by contrast, the Big 4 Grocers all saw sales decline. Premium sausages and low fat sausages were the only types to register growth in the latest 12 week period. Premium sausage growth was led by an increase in price promotions.

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