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Swine Transport Wash Facility Assessment Helps Improve Services

16 October 2015, at 12:00am

CANADA - Swine transport wash facilities in western Canada are being invited to participate in a program designed to help them assess and improve their services, reports Bruce Cochrane.

The provincial pork organizations in western Canada have introduced an assessment program designed to assist facilities in western Canada that provide wash services for swine transport equipment to improve their facilities and procedures.

Mark Fynn, the manager of Animal Health and Welfare Programs with Manitoba Pork, says the Western Canadian Swine Transport Wash Program was developed using assessments that are being used in other parts of the country as well as abroad.

Mark Fynn-Manitoba Pork Manitoba Pork:

There's two assessment documents we have.

One is specific more to the facilities, the management and the staff training of the facilities.

Then we also have one that runs through a wash and does an assessment of the wash procedure itself.

Each of those assessments, one is 3 pages and the other one is 4 pages long so there's a fair amount of detail in there but it's looking at some of the critical points that help ensure a proper wash has been done.

We've had 14 facilities across western Canada participate.

It's hard to get a firm idea of what percentage that accounts for but I think there's been strong desire from the wash facilities to improve their practices and assess their practices and benchmark against other facilities and get a third party perspective on it from the assessors and also to have the results of the assessment, in the end, to be able to show to their clients.

Mr Fynn says the blank assessment templates are being made available on the pork organization web sites to provide an opportunity for anyone to get a feel for what is being looked for and they can use them as self assessments if they have their own wash facilities or they request a third party assessment.

Anyone interested in participating in the Western Canadian Swine Transport Wash Program is encouraged to contact their provincial pork organization.

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