EU Pig Prices: Market Cleared – Price Increase Observed in Some Countries

15 January 2016, at 12:00am

EU - Optimism finally is showing on the European pig slaughter market at last.

After weeks of getting nowhere, some quotations are now rising again. This must be attributed to the German quotation with its plus 3 cents increase.

After the Christmas holidays, the market has been cleared, not showing the usual backlog production.

On top of that, applications have been made over the first four days already for stocking up 32 000 tons of pork in private storage. The Netherlands and Belgium both followed the German role model, noting moderate price increases.

Steady quotations are reported on from Spain, Denmark, France and Austria. For weeks, the French have complained about extensive quantities on offer at high slaughter weights. Various sales campaigns that were started in food retailing have the market relieved to the farthest possible extent.

The German price increase also contributes to the stabilisation of the French market. Spain and Austria are also reducing the backlog supply resulting from the Christmas holidays. For this reason, the prices are expected to remain steady.

The significant fall of the corrected British quotation partly must be attributed to exchange rate fluctuations.

Trend for the German market: The situation on the pig slaughter market has not changed over the weekend. The slaughter weights remain on a high level. The basic mood appears positive in view of the cleared market. All in all, the market situation is steady at least. The next few days will show whether or not room is left for a continuing moderate price increase. Continuous delivery on the part of the producers is a significant precondition for that.

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