EU Pig Prices: Market in Holiday Mode – Quotations Steady

4 January 2016, at 12:00am

EU - The European pig slaughter market still is in a holiday mode. Cross-border market activities are severely limited because of the Christmas holidays and the days of slaughter thus missing.

No movement can be seen altogether. The quotations also appear unchanged. Germany, Denmark, France and Austria remain on the level achieved so far. Although the Austrians did not succeed in getting all pigs slaughtered right in time before Christmas, the prices were agreed on remaining unchanged in Austria.

The French strongly support sales activities in food retailing at the beginning of the year, thus hoping for increased demand.

The British have to cope with a slight deduction. Owing to the holiday season, no quotations were passed in from Spain, the Netherlands and Belgium.

Trend for the German market: As expected, the market proves to be calm. Orders remain the main matter. The quantities on offer have already been scheduled or advanced where possible. The cards will be given a shuffle in the New Year. The starting of private storage will possibly boost demand on the market.

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