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AHDB Starts New Initiative to Tackle Volatility in Agricultural Market

1 February 2016, at 12:00am

UK - The AHDB has embarked on an ambitious new initiative to tackle volatility in agricultural commodities markets.

Experts from across industry gathered in Westminster at the launch of the AHDB Volatility Forum on Wednesday 27 January.

The event saw farmers, processors, retailers and trade associations come together to seek practical solutions for businesses affected by market uncertainty across agricultural supply chains.

Forum members were tasked with maintaining a long-term focus on volatility management and providing a knowledge exchange hub between the industry, supply chain, academics and policy-makers.

As part of the launch event, forum members were asked to prioritise areas of work to shape the group’s focus. The top priority was identified as helping the industry better understand the commodity cycle and its impact on agricultural business strategy.

Shortly behind was the need to upskill the industry in its approach to assessing risk likelihoods, impacts and prioritisation.

The launch of the AHDB Volatility Forum coincides with the inauguration of the European Commission’s Agricultural Markets Task Force, which is due to report in the autumn on policy and legislative initiatives to improve farmers’ position in the supply chain. Part of the Volatility Forum’s remit will be to apply practical considerations to any recommendations arising from the initiative.

A long-term work programme will be determined by a Steering Group to ensure the initiative maintains momentum and produces tangible results for the benefit of the industry.

AHDB is interested in hearing from anyone interested in the Volatility Forum about the skills and knowledge they could offer the initiative. Contact Jack Watts on 024 7647 8760, [email protected] or @JGCWatts.

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