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Devil is in the Detail for UK Pig Herd Gains

24 March 2016, at 12:00am

UK - Focus on producing more litters per sow and improving uniformity in finisher pigs when they go for sale, producers are advised. These were two key points discussed by producers at the latest meeting on ‘getting through tough times’, held in Norfolk, said AHDB Pork knowledge transfer manager, Andrew Palmer.

“Once you examine the detail and calculate what is actually happening throughout the herd, you can see where the greatest cost savings and efficiencies can be gained,” Andrew said.

“Our speakers Stephen Hall, Richard Bull and Simon Watchorn demonstrated this during the meeting, looking at performance figures and using ‘what if’ cost calculators.

“The average number of litters per sow per year (the farrowing index), for UK herds is around 2.25 but herds can achieve between 2.4 to 2.5, by tightening up on monitoring and management of returns and minimising empty days. The ultimate result is a higher total of piglets weaned across the herd.

“While, at the final stage of finishing, it’s essential to minimise the variation among pigs being sent for sale. Reducing deviation around the contract’s optimum sale weight and specification from 10 per cent to just 4 per cent makes a significant difference to the amount producers are paid.”

There is one more AHDB Pork regional meetings for pig producers, focused on practical ways to manage input costs, with leading industry speakers and producers:

  • 7 April – Walshford, Yorkshire – Nick White, Richard Bull

For full details and to register, go to:

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