EU Pig Prices: Germany Makes the Market Shake – Quotations Are Going Down

EU - Being in line with the flu epidemic, the European pig slaughter market is in a huff. A market observer in Great Britain describes his view of the situation as follows: Watching Germany sneeze, Europe starts shaking.
calendar icon 4 March 2016
clock icon 3 minute read

Saying so, he speaks about the German slaughter companies seeming like a nightmare to all others, them paying extensive discounted prices by which pressure was exerted on the market last week to an extent making the German quotation going down by 7 cents. As a consequence the whole European market started shaking, with all quotations going down but for the French.

The price decreases are ranking from 1.9 cents as noted in the Netherlands up to the 7 cents’ peak noted in Germany. The Dutch quotation went down gradually over the past weeks, thus still ranking behind Germany and last among the five EU member countries most significant in pig keeping.

France is currently leading the list of those countries, ranking before Denmark. With their market having remained steady over the past weeks, the French succeeded in keeping their price steady as well, against the general trend. All over Ireland, the prices are now being paid according to last week’s corrected price level for pigs for slaughter. Currency fluctuations are the only reason for corrections carried out in Great Britain.

Trend for the German market:

The domestic market for live animals appears in quite a relaxed way at the beginning of the week.

Backlog supply does not seem to have piled up. Quite the contrary: It is heard from marketers’ circles that – unlike what we are used to – the waiting times are very short at the slaughterhouses.

Accordingly, there is a lot of discontentedness about the strongly decreased prices. Impulse is reported on from the meat market at the turn of the months. From what is heard, the bottom seems to have been reached. The meat traders seem to be in a shopping mood again. The least thing to be expected is that the price development remains unchanged.

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