EU Pig Prices: Slight Upward Trend Now Stopped

4 April 2016, at 12:00am

EU - In March, the pig prices started to relax in most of the EU member countries. Unfortunately, this trend could not be continued last week.

Once again, the German slaughter companies were the ones to complain about bad margins in meat sales, calling for clear price decreases at the same time.

Since the pig backlog supply kept within limits before the Easter holidays, the minus 2 cents’ fall in prices just was not as important as had been called for.

The target set by Germany was followed by the Dutch slaughter companies (minus 2 cents) and by the Belgian ones (minus 1 cent).

No change on the other hand was to be expected for this current week as to the Spanish and Danish quotations, because with the Easter holidays impending, the prices there had already been set last week to be valid for a period of two weeks.

In France as well, the payout prices did not change. From France, reports are coming in about increased exports towards China, in particular.

Trend for the German market: Although this current working week is being shorter by a day, the marketers do not face a problem with placing the quantities of pigs for slaughter continually at the slaughter companies. Today’s internet pig auction with its average price of 1.34 euros per kg and a 3 cents’ price gap towards the current consolidated price prefigure an unchanged price level.

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