EU Pig Prices: Prices Increasing in Many Countries

5 May 2016, at 6:00am

EU - Uphill at last! After a long lean period, the European pig slaughter market is finally appearing optimistic again with the pig prices going up.

Almost all quotations were able to rise. Once again, the ice was broken by the leading German quotation. The Danish quotation moved further sideward.

The price increase moves between a corrected 1.7 cents in France and 4 cents in Germany. Currently, the demand from China provides particular relief of the European market. This is stated by market participants from various member countries.

Such rapid increase of demand is also supported by the current figures. According to these, the Chinese imports doubled in March, compared to the same month last year. The EU serves as main supplier.

The domestic EU meat market appears to have somewhat improved. With spring approaching, the sales of barbecue meat are going to exhibit positive progress.

At the same time, decreasing slaughter weights are reported on from Spain and France.

A slight decrease was most recently observed in Germany. Austria is expecting decreasing slaughter weights at short sight.

Trend for the German market:
Just like the weather, the market started well into the new week. The local live-animals market is well cleared. In view of the sunny weather and the public holiday to come, demand is very much expected to further improve. The day of slaughter to be missing this week does not cause trouble for the market participants. From today’s point of view, the development may be expected the possibility of increasing prices.

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