EU Pig Prices: Quotations Partly Unchanged and Partly Increasing

27 May 2016, at 12:00am

EU - This current week of slaughter, the European pig slaughter market appears unsettled.

While some countries were able to keep their prices increasing, others take a breather. The German quotation’s standstill keeps other EU member countries, such as the Netherlands, Belgium and Austria, from further raising their quotations.

Over the Whitsun weekend, the weather had left much to be desired. Furthermore, one day of slaughter had been missing. So for the time being, the air got thin as to further price increases.

The quotations went farther up in Spain, Denmark, France, Ireland and Great Britain. The respective price increases ranged from a corrected 2.5 cents in France up to 7 cents in Great Britain, the latter partially being due to currency fluctuations.

Spain finds itself in the seasonal price increase as is normal for this time of the year. On top of that, Spain highly takes advantage from the good export activities towards south-east Asia. At the same time, the slaughter weights, which had already hit records earlier this year, are gradually going down.

Trend for the German market: The start into the new week was quite favourable on the local market. Last weekend the weather was great, just top spring weather. Everywhere in the residential areas and parks a lot of barbecuing could be observed.

The live animals’ market is cleared and the batches on offer were placed without trouble. From today’s point of view, every single price-setting factor speaks for a friendly development of prices.

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