EU Pig Prices: Scarce Quantities on Offer Are Boosting Prices

18 July 2016, at 12:00am

EU - Last week, the price barometer continued to point upwards throughout Europe and pigs for slaughter are in demand.

At the same time, the quantities on offer of pigs for slaughter are going down for seasonal reasons.

After Germany went ahead with a three cents’ price increase compared with last week’s price, the other quotations went up at a similar level. Decreasing slaughter weights are a proof of swift marketing across Europe.

While summer still is being waited for in northern Europe, hot temperatures are making the pigs’ daily growth go down in the southern European countries, thus further cutting the quantities on offer.

Trend for the German market: Despite complaints heard from the meat markets concerning decreased margins, the declining quantities of pigs for slaughter on offer are still determining the prices.

In view of the second half of the week, large gaps are detected in the livestock marketers’ order books. The pig prices are expected to develop in a positive way, with prices remaining unchanged at least.

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